Emergency First Response CPR & Secondary Aid Course

CPR & AED 1st & Secondary Standards

We welcome everyone to join in the Emergency First Response® Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid) one day course. Our English & Thai EFR® trainers conduct CPR and First Aid classes in Bangkok and Pattaya regularly.

The theory and skill tasks are performance based meaning each student can achieve the CPR and First Aid two year internationally recognised certification card after you have completed all the training objectives.
This is a all inclusive First aid CPR/ AED secondary Care Course of international Standards. Each person will will receive a EFR first responder PIC Personal Identification card upon completion of this course.

1st & 2nd Aid Overview

Internationally Recognised

Emergency First Response CPR & AED course follows the emergency considerations and protocols as developed by the members of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). Current members include the American Heart Association, the Australian Resuscitation Council, and the Resuscitation Council of Asia, and many others.

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CPR/AED First & Secondary Aid Course Goals

You should not expect to control all the variables in a real emergency. But knowing how to provide adequate care and react appropriately often tips the balance in favour of full recovery instead of a long-term disability, or life versus death. The person you save by performing CPR or using an AED defibrillator could be a loved-one, a close friend, or a coworker, perhaps you need to help someone with a none life threatening injury or illness, this course also covers these topics and training skills.

Learn how to respond to victims of a heart attack or stroke, unresponsiveness, problems breathing or serious bleeding. This course also covers dealing with Shock as well as none life threatening injury and treatment of illnesses

CPR/AED First & Secondary Aid Training Sessions Break Down

1. Theory Lesson (30%)

EFR First and Secondary Care Training teaches you the steps and processes for handling life-threatening emergencies and the treatment of injury and illness. Using the AB-CABS memory word and monitor a patient’s Cycle of Care you will follow guidlines on critical care emergency is based on the same priorities used by medical professionals.

2. Practical Lessons (70%)

Practical Lessons consist of skill development and mock emergency scenario sessions. Your Emergency First Response Instructor will play out real life incidents and injury for you to role play with and may include the following techniques depending on the level of certification you require;

Scene Assessment & Barrier Use
Primary Assessment and Recovery Position
Adult CPR – Chest Compressions
Adult CPR – Chest Compressions combined with Rescue Breaths
Adult CPR and Public Access Defibrillator Use (AED)
Serious Bleeding Wound Treatments
Shock Management
Spinal Injury Management
Conscious & Unconscious Adult Choking Techniques
Oxygen Administration Orientation
Secondary Care Illness & Injury Assessment
Bandaging & Splinting Dislocations & Fractures

3. Certifying Examination

Your EFR® CPR & AED course ends with a short multiple choice exam to complete the two year certification.

EFR 1st & 2nd Care (CPR/AED/Injury & Illness Course Summary

Over one day (approx 7hrs) Our Emergency First Response & Secondary Care course builds skills in Primary Care (CPR / AED) and teaches you how to approuch injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life threatening such as Allergic Reactions, Bruises, Burns, Chemical Burns, Cuts, Diabetic Problems, Dislocations and Fractures, Electrical Injuries, Eye Injuries, Heat Exhaustion, Heatstroke, Hypothermia, Sprains and Strains, Stroke as well as Illness Assessment, Injury Assessment.

If you require a course that must include Care For Children You may wish to combine this Adult first aid class with our Care For Children Course Read about EFR Care For Children Course Training and ask about special Package Offers