Emergency First Response® First Aid CPR Courses Pattaya

CPR AED Training Pattaya


During this CPR course in Pattaya, You will specially practice CPR and learn how to deliver an life-saving electric shock from an AED Automated External Defibrillator on an adult manikin. Reviewing and learning to prioritize as a medical professional would, and learning to think like an emergency responder significantly increase a patient’s chance of survival from cardiac arrest and other medical emergencies.

Certification Course – 4,500 ฿ 
Level – Beginner (3.5 Training Hours)

CPR Primary and secondary care Training Pattaya

Primary Care & First Aid

The most popular international certification is EFR Primary and Secondary Care. With the training this course provides, you can really make the difference between the balance between survival and death by applying your skills you may give someone the chance to make a complete recovery versus suffering a long-term disability. This course not only teaches you how to respond to life-threatening emergencies by focusing on basic life support but also gives you first aid knowledge and skills to treat none life threatening injury and illness also through workshops and scenarios.

Certification Course – 6,500 ฿
Level – Beginner to Advanced (7.0 Training Hours)

CPR care for children Training Pattaya

EFR Care For Children

The EFR Care for Children course is an innovative CPR and First Aid training program makes it easy for you to learn how to provide emergency care for injured or ill children and infants. Learn about specific medical emergencies that children face and how their injuries often differ with adults and preventing common injuries and illnesses in children and babies.

Certification Course – 6,000 ฿
Level – Beginner to Intermediate (6.0 Training Hours)

Workplace Training

Are you looking for a professional CPR and First Aid Training Presentation for your Staff employees. Maybe a parent group, Kinder garden or a Health & Safety seminar for your Corporate Staff and Workforce? We have the solution with local certificate

Group Packages from 9,999 ฿
Level – Beginner to Advanced (2.0 – 6.0 Training Hours)