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We began training Emergency First Response back in the late 90’s on Koh Samui. Predominatly to Rescue Teams for water and diving related emergencies. Later we relocated our industry to Pattaya and Bangkok. The EFR CPR certificates are a standard issue in the scuba diving industry for any Rescue Diver or Dive Professional since as professional divers we have a duty of care and seek to achieve the higest of safety standards. PADI scuba training organisation promotes its affiliate company Emergency First Response for all life-saving courses.

We understood that these first Aid training courses had a much larger application in Thailand than just the scuba industry. Knowing our own public health and safety guidelines from europe we really wanted to see Thailand improve its safety across the board from workplaces, to hotels to public services to home and lay passer bys. So we dedicated an EFR First Aid program to starting teaching first aid courses across Thailand about 15 years ago.

First Aid Training Pattaya Team developed this website site to customers searching the internet for easy and convenient first aid training course that meets international CPR and first aid standards.

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Our goal is to deliver realistic and rewarding first aid training in a friendly and low-stress learning environment from our English and Thai CPR trainers. We believe everyone should have access to first aid training and we offer this to people so they can learn the most when they are relaxed and having fun. Our Emergency First Response mission is fulfilled when we produce confident layperson responders who are willing to handle life’s unfortunate challenges and medical emergencies.