Primary Care CPR & AED Course

Primary & Secondary Care

Primary Care & AED & Secondary Care

Care For Children

CPR and secondary care for kids

What Do We Offer?

Join us in Pattaya or Bangkok for a EFR® First Aid Training CPR courses

You will develop emergency management procedures and life saving techniques which are the same as medical professional. We follow international guidelines in critical care for all of our EFR® CPR First Aid courses and our expert first aid trainers make serious learning a fun, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We specialize in the training of Internationally recognized CPR and First Aid Certifications from Emergency First Response® These core training courses are mostly held in Pattaya or Bangkok and fully prepare you to give help and assistance to people with life-threatening injuries or illnesses.

The first few moments in an emergency are critical. Emergency First Response® first aid training will prepare you to respond correctly and with confidence whether you encounter an emergency in your daily day to day life, a workplace accident or at home.

“Make the Right Training, The Right Certification, The Right Choices.”

Who should have EFR CPR First Aid Training?

• Everyone can learn to help and save another’s life.

• Parents, Nannies, Au-pairs, Child workers

• School Teachers, Teenagers

• Swim Coaches, Scuba Divers, boat captains

• Fitness Instructors, Tour Guides

• Hotel Staff, Factory Workers • Government Employees

• Offshore Rig Workforce

• Yoga Trainers, Gym Trainers

• Anyone within a leisure industry.

CPR Training For Workplaces

All Modern Thai Businesses should ensure that staff to be proficient and updated in CPR and First Aid guidelines Just like countries require occupational health and safety regulations by law.

In as little of a few hours you could have your team complete First Aid Training Pattaya & Bangkok or even onsite at your work location. You earn an Internationally recognized 2 year certification from our Emergency First Response® Primary & Secondary Care, AED, and Care for Children courses including a certification card from the Asia Pacific Head Quarters.

Its so easy to learn …Emergency First Response® has a simple to understand Training Manual and DVD which covers life saving skills such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), treatment for severe bleeding wounds, conscious and unconscious choking situations, how to protect spinal injuries, and shock management.

Learn first aid CPR within a fews hours!

What Do We Deliver?

First Aid Training Pattaya & Bangkok specialize in delivering flexible training EFR can be conducted on a one on one basis, for groups or for work teams either on site or in our training facility for maximum convenience and realism we can train at your home, office or workplace. We conduct regular Emergency First Response CPR and First Aid Certification Courses at our training centers Pattaya and Bangkok or other selected regions in Thailand. All our courses include the student study materials and the two-year international certification.

No experience needed! You do not need to have previous experience in first aid as your study materials and training aids will be provided for you during the course. The most popular basic certifications are completed in one day at the regular training venues.

First Aid Training For Workplaces CPR AED can benefit your Business.

• Does your company, organization, or team need on-site CPR, AED or First Aid Training?

• We provide flexible 1st aid training for employees & workforce at your location.

• Professional Emergency Response trainers offer customized on-site seminars

• Hands-on workshops and training helps people to learn and work together

• We offer workplace compliant training and emergency management presentations

• EFR is suitable for all corporate clients, working groups, and individuals.